The Pet Food Pantry is available to families with Monterey County facing financial hardship during the pandemic. Distribution will be by appointment, this will allow us to determine the type of animal (dog or cat) and the amount of food needed for each distribution day. The pet food pantry is limited on the amount of food we can distribute for each pet and will be based on our current inventory.
Where do I come to pick up food?
  • Location(s) will be available during the enrollment process
Who can use the Pet Food Pantry?
  • The pet food pantry is open to any pet owner living in Monterey County that are experiencing economic hardships
Is and enrollment form required?
  • Yes, the enrollment form is required. The enrollment form assists us in determining the amount of pet food needed at each distribution location.
Can I just show up and request food upon arrival?
  • No, we determine the amount of food needed per enrollee
Do I need to bring my pets with me?
  • No
How much food will I get?
  • This will be based on the supply we have and the size/quantity of animals you have. This information will be filled out on the enrollment form and assessed from there. Our goal is to supplement your current pet food supply.
Can I request specialty food for my pet?
  • No, the food used by the pet food pantry is donated and they type and brand varies
We are maintaining social distancing while distributing pet food. Distribution will follow a drive thru model, please remain in your car we will come to you.
Please fill out the form below to reserve your spot at our next available distribution.